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    SDT-LINK is a manufacturer and supplier of network products. Our company has a team of highly skilled and professional staff. It has been committed to the development, design, manufacturing and sales of various network products and other overall solutions. SDT-LINK has always focused on the networks industry and constantly launched reliable products to meet the different needs of various fields

    Application fields:

    SDT-LINK currently has more than 600 different specifications of products, which are widely used in telecommunications, network, mobile devices, industrial automation, data communication, consumer electronics and other fields. We can be good at developing communication products to meet the needs of customers or the market, and provide a complete set of perfect solutions

  Company history:

    Many founders of the company have entered the communication industry since 1994, and have been engaged in the production, sales, R & D and service of communication products.

    In August 1998, SDT-LINK factory was established, and purchased advanced equipment: injection molding machine, ultra-high speed punch, automatic assembly machine, granulator, mold manufacturing equipment, etc

  In August 2007, the company introduced ISO9001:2008 (quality management system)

  We keep pace with the times, and provide you with quality products and pre - sale, sale and after - sale services to ensure our common interests.


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